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When it comes to dieting, dessert is likely the first thing you ditch. But, chowing down on that chocolate cake can be guilt-free. Here’s why dessert can be good for you, according to science.

1. High in nutrients

Ever wondered why your body craves those delicious-looking desserts? There’s a reason behind it. The main reason is – your body needs those desserts to fulfill certain nutrients. It doesn’t matter if you are living on a low-carb diet or a proper keto diet. The need for carbohydrates is essential for general body function.
Your body needs those carbohydrates. Desserts are not the healthiest preparation of carbohydrates but definitely, the food items increase the nutrients level. It drives up your mind and body with high fuel. In addition to that, some desserts provide essential fiber, vitamins and antioxidants to your body.

2. It Lowers Your Blood Pressure

A few bites of chocolate each day could decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease down the line. A 2011 Harvard study found that eating a small square of dark chocolate every day lowered blood pressure in all 1,106 participants. They believe this is because chocolate rich in cocoa (as found in unsweetened or dark chocolate) packs a high concentration of flavonoids, an antioxidant with huge anti-inflammatory and immune system benefits.

3. It’s Time to Feel Happy with Desserts – Yes, Really!

Have you ever noticed how a small bite of dessert increases the level of your happiness instantly! It is a 100% real feeling and only desserts are responsible for it. Recent food reports say food items that contain carbohydrates, produce chemicals for the brain and body. It ultimately contributes to your emotional well-being.
Having your favorite dessert steers the mind in positive directions with happiness. You will eventually get the feeling that you are doing something good for your body with a drive of energy and joy.

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4. Having Desserts Helps to Control Weight

Sweet craving is considered as the enemy of diet. If you think having sweets will be an utter failure of your diet, you are right. But not everytime! When adults stop eating desserts as per the diet, improvement maybe for a short term but it’s real.
However, it is proven that if you eat a nutritious diet along with desserts – your weight control chances improve better. It’s a long-term success in weight loss. It will be because your body will respond to those tiny amounts of desserts to satisfy the craving. It helps to increase diabolism as well.

5. Desserts can remedy the negative side effects of dieting

Ever wonder why they serve jello or chocolate pudding to hospital patients? When patients lose their appetite due to illness, it is easier and more enjoyable to consume sugary, low-nutrient carbohydrates than any other type of food.

According to the National Eating Disorders Association, suddenly decreasing your intake of carbs and sugar deprives your body of the necessary glucose needed for energy. Dieting can actually increase feelings of sluggishness, mental fog, and distraction. Just another reason to salvage those Oreos from the trash.

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