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An oven, sometimes known as a pizza oven, is a kitchen appliance that cooks by exposing the food to radiant heat. The term “pizza oven” can refer to either an electric or gas stovetop range with built-in grill features for cooking pizzas. There are also standalone units designed specifically for use in pizza restaurants.

Pizza ovens are an essential part of the pizza making process, but there are many types of pizza ovens with a variety of shapes and sizes. So if you’re looking to buy or build your own oven, then this article will help you figure out what kind is best for your needs!

The following types of pizza ovens are discussed: Brick ovens, Deck-style ovens, Convection pizza oven, Conveyor pizza oven, Countertop pizza oven.


1) Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens

For those who want a more authentic taste of Italy, wood-fired pizza ovens are the way to go. These machines are known for having a rustic look and feel, but not only do they just look great the pizzas have a great taste – also!

A brick pizza oven uses the traditional wood-fired method to cook pizzas slowly and evenly at optimum temperatures. Unlike gas, you can also use an open fire inside of one for cooking with smoke rather than just heat; this will give your food that authentic taste its fans rave about!

These durable bricks are made out of tough clay or ironstone crem residues which allow them to withstand high levels of combustion without burning themselves down whilst maintaining their shape over time no matter how many times they’re used – so long as there’s enough fuel available in any case.

These brick structures require about 45 minutes to heat, but once they’re hot – as long as it reaches 1000 degrees Fahrenheit or 740 Celsius- the preheating period can last up 8 hours!

Because of this large amount of time spent above 700°F (371 °c), these baking surfaces retain much more radiant energy than other types and therefore reflect incredibly high temperatures over an area: 2-3 minutes depending on size with 10 pizzas cooked per batch at 5 minutes intervals in record-breaking times

Being able to cook more pizzas in less time means these oven types are ideal for restaurants whose main menu item is pizza.

One of the most important factors that should be considered when installing a brick oven is its preheating time.

They take longer than other types but this does not mean you cannot multitask with them as it’s easy for one side to get burnt while cooking on conveyor belts because they are so quick at getting heated up!

In general, once everything has been placed correctly and manually adhered too then there won’t really be any risk involved in using these type of ovens. Just make sure everyone knows what their job entails beforehand.

The drawbacks associated with having an outdoor fire fueled oven such as:

– Needing to clean and maintain it on a regular basis after each use.

– They’re not suitable for indoor areas; they need at least an open space with room to breathe!

– Some places require permits so check your local laws before installing one of these.

– They can get pretty pricey to maintain or fix if something breaks.

Convection oven

2) Convection Pizza Oven

Convection ovens are smaller versions of brick ovens, but they have higher heat output which means you can cook multiple pizzas at a time! That’s why it’s perfect for those who want to expand their menu outside the typical Italian items.

You’ll be able to bake bread too with ease, making this type of machine multi-functional. A new trend that’s catching on is using convection ovens individually as stand alone machines; grocery stores and coffee shops love them because they’re compact enough to fit into tight spaces like these!

They’re easy to maintain and use. One of the most favoured features about having one of these is that they can make ‘fake’ wood fired flavor without an actual fire source needed!

For restaurants who want to be able to cook more than just pizza, convection ovens are the answer.

– It’s much easier for them to achieve higher temperatures when you need it quickly so they can cook or bake multiple things in one go!

– They use a lot less wood and fuel which means there’s more of a chance that your operating costs won’t explode from having a traditional brick oven!

– These types of pizza ovens will last longer with regular maintenance because of the reduced amount of moving parts involved which is definitely not something you can say about traditional Wood Fired Brick Ovens!

– The heat output isn’t as large as its larger counterparts, meaning that if you’re looking for recipes with large volume pizzas, this oven might not work for you.

deck oven

3) Deck Pizza Oven

Deck ovens are the largest of them all, but they are also one of the most commonly used types for large establishments that need to cook dozens of pizzas in a short time period.

You can control both sides at once which is perfect for cooking pizzas with different toppings. One feature that’s interesting about this type is that they’re very efficient when it comes to using their fuel sources because only the bottom side will be lit up while you use it! The upper half remains off until needed, eliminating wasted heat during idle periods.

They are easy to maintain and use because there aren’t many moving parts involved compared to other Ovens, making it less likely for something to break down after a lot of regular use.

Some people prefer to use a deck pizza oven because it’s easier than using bricks. A stone or stainless steel surface goes under the pies, which create more even heating and provide an excellent crispiness – especially when compared with other cooking methods like direct flame grilling – but that doesn’t mean wood isn’t good for pizzas either!

It will give you great browned edges on your pie plus added moisture in order to get them nice & crispy just how we likes them best 😋

To cook your pizza, first heat the oven to 400 ˚F-700 ° F. This could take up to an hour! Once it is heated place dough directly on stone and wait for 6 minutes depending on thickness of crusts with models having 2 decks holding 4 pizzas each or more if available as some come with multiple levels which increase capacity but reduces cooking time per slice by half since you only have one layer going at once.

– This is the best type for heavy duty use because of its large size and wide temperature range.

– They are quite tricky to learn how to use properly compared to other oven types, so make sure to look for a training course if you don’t know how!

– At Baci we use the Moretti double deck oven