During this chilly weather, we all become serial drinkers of either coffee or tea; After all, these two beverages are saviors when it comes to keeping ourselves awake, warm, and alert. 

If you’re an occasional coffee drinker, there’s good health-science news for you. But if drinking coffee all day, transitioning to herbal tea after your morning cup or two can help manage your well-being and peace of mind throughout the day.

1. Coffee as a stimulant

Caffeine, a central nervous system stimulant, is a powerful substance and plays a big role in how coffee (like caffeine-containing green and black teas, colas, and chocolate) impacts health. However, coffee’s punch is due to more than caffeine: It contains about 800 different volatile compounds and antioxidants with complex actions, many of which are beneficial.

2. Herbal Teas for Winter Health

Like coffee, most herbs and plants used to make tea contain various bioactive compounds. Because herbs are bio complex—rather than being purified and refined like a single-nutrient supplement, the whole plant is used—they operate more holistically. That’s why you often see various benefits, from antifungal to anti-inflammatory, attributed to one herb.

3. Goodbye Flu

Unfortunately, winter is likened to flu season. In addition to cold weather, it may also be due to the influx of festivities & exposure to people. But if you keep your body constantly warm, the germs are unlikely to take over. 

Warm liquids such as tea and coffee can help you fight the winter blues and boost your immune system helping your fight through the winter.

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4. Might Keep Fat at Bay

The winter invariably comes with food cravings – fatty, greasy and high-carb foods. It may be due to lower temperatures, calling for our bodies to keep themselves warm by working harder on their metabolism. This tussle, in most cases, leads to weight gain. 
Green tea and black coffee have proven benefits when it comes to helping you in the weight loss process. Be sure it will help you decrease food cravings, increase metabolism, better your digestion & helps break down that perpetual fatty meal.

5. Say Goodbye to Winter Blues

With sunlight coming in late and days getting shorter, a slight dullness may creep into our lives during the winter times. The caffeine content in tea helps you keep winter dullness at bay. The sloth in you will be thankful to a cabinet filled with a variety of green and black teas – for it wakes you up and picks you up instantly.


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