A multitude of popular Italian delicacies and dishes, sweet and savory, await your discovery the next time you visit Crown Casino at Southbank. These traditional Italian dishes are deeply rooted in the Italian culture, and recipes are often passed down between generations and are cherished for their authentic origins.

Here is a list of our Top 5 Italian dishes to try at Baci Restaurant in Crown Casino.

1. Margherita Pizza

Fancy a pipping hot pizza, fresh out of the oven? Our signature Margherita Pizza is to many the true Italian flag. One of our most loved Italian pizzas with tomato sauce ( fior di latte), basil and fresh mozzarella the Margherita pizza will blow you away. We also have Gluten free option in pizzas available.

2. Seafood Risotto (Gluten Free)

A plateful of creamy risotto with the goodness of seafood. Perfect for the weekend, this amazing risotto will blow you away. Slow-roasting the tomatoes transforms them into incredibly sweet, vibrant bombs of goodness that will explode in your mouth, while the combination of delicate seafood is a real treat. 

3. Homemade Gnocchi

Gnocchi is an Italian pasta. They are made of cooked mashed potatoes, flour and eggs. Our home made Gnocchi in confit cherry tomato, napoli sauce, ricotta, garlic, basil and  extra virgin olive oil is one of a kind and a great option for a main course. 

4. Penne Bolognese (Gluten Free Option)

One of the most famous sauces in all of Italian cookery, ragù alla bolognese—known in English as Bolognese Sauce. Enjoy our Penne or Spaghetti Bolognese in a traditional rich beef and tomato sugo as you sip on some red wine on a Saturday afternoon.

5. Arancini Balls

These flavourful starch bombs are a great option for starters. With a thin crust on the outside and stuffed with roasted pumpkin, wild mushrooms, spinach and truffle pea puree this vegetarian delight is a class apart. 

Celebrate Christmas at Crown Casino in Southbank

crown christmas

Visit Crown this festive season to experience the amazing animatronic Christmas Spectacular show and display located in The Atrium, Crown Towers.

Launches Sunday 29 November | 1pm

29 November 2020 – 4 January 2021
10am – 7pm everyday
10-minute show plays every 15 minutes

We are accepting bookings throughout the year and encourage you to Make a Booking so you don’t miss out on a beautiful dining experience for yourself and your family. If you have any further questions about dietaries, kid’s options or any suggestions feel free to Contact us here.