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A great food and drink pairing create a balance between the components of a dish and the characteristics of the drink. Traditional food pairing can be achieved across all drinks categories including wine beer and soft drinks. The world of wine can be intimidating. From full-bodied red wines to crisp dry white wines. The options are truly endless! However, when it comes to pairing alcohol with food there are quite a few tips and tricks to help you along the way.

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Appetisers or oily & filling

Appetisers or Oily and filling dishes such as antipasto, calamari fritti, pizzas, burgers, fish, and chips need a palate cleanser.


 The subtle caramel with bitterness in classic lager or draft beer cuts through the meat. The crisp, carbonated bubbles will cleanse the palate.


 A light-bodied white such as a Sauvignon Blanc cuts through oily dishes. Champagne and fizzy wine are also great for palate cleansing with oilier dishes.

Soft drinks:

 Sweet lemonade pairs well with the light bubbles help to cut through oily foods while refreshing and cleansing the palate.

Creamy & rich

Rich, creamy dishes such as carbonara, gnocchi, spaghetti chicken, and meatballs require drinks with moderate levels of tannin to increase drying sensation to contrast the creaminess of the dish.


Light cool lagers complement creamy and rich dishes. The crisp, carbonated bubbles in the lager will cleanse the palate.


The wines need to be light so as not to create too heavy a meal, so dry aromatic whites such as a Sauvignon Blanc work well, as do our Italian herby red Via Rotella Sangiovese and Gran Sasso Montepulciano.

Soft drinks:

Lemon and lime-based drinks work well with creamy dishes as the light sweetness refreshes the palate while enhancing flavour delivery.


Rich & heavy

Rich and heavy dishes such as steak need rich, full-bodied drinks to enhance the umami.


The balanced bitterness of pale ale will cut through rich dark meat while the sweet malty flavours will pair well with the sweetness of a juicy steak.


Juicy ripe reds such as merlot compliment simple red meats while full-bodied reds such as cabernet sauvignon are perfect for richer meatier dishes.

Soft drinks:

The high intense and rich caramel notes in cola compliments red meat perfectly while the higher acidity cuts through any fat.

Light wines with desserts

Desserts are sweet on their own and because of this, you should choose a wine that does not have an overly sweet flavor. Cabernet Sauvignon, for example, thanks to its bold fruit flavors, can make a great pairing when combined with sweet and rich desserts such as a Blackforest or Baci cake. 

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