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Happiness is a warm taste of hazelnut spread on a warm flaky pastry! And that hazelnut spread is known across the world as its brand name, Nutella. This delightful, chocolatey hazelnut spread can be slathered on toast or baked right into the center of pastries or other baked goods.

This might not be the case for everyone, but many people have been known to consume it simply with a spoon or finger! And others have certainly found creative ways to eat it, using pretzel sticks or even potato chips to get their taste of it. It seems like everyone who is a fan has their favorite way to get their Nutella fix.

And World Nutella Day is the perfect day to share all of those wonderful ideas with the world!

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What is Nutella most commonly used for?

Although technically classified as a dessert topping, Nutella is also commonly used for topping on breakfast foods such as waffles, pancakes, toast or bagels.

Should I store Nutella in the cupboard or the fridge?

According to the Italian manufacturer, Nutella doesn’t like the cold. Therefore, it should be stored at room temperature.


Where can I go to a Nutella Cafe?

Fererro has opened Nutella Cafes in New York City and in Chicago, Illinois in the USA.

What is the shelf life of Nutella?

Nutella can be used for 12 months from the date of manufacturing. But it’s sure to be eaten much more quickly than that anyway.

Does Nutella contain peanuts?

No, Nutella contains no peanuts or peanut ingredients. However, sometimes people with a peanut allergy can also be allergic to hazelnuts, so it’s best to be careful and check in advance.

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How to Nutella Day?

Baci restaurant is one of the best places in Melbourne to celebrate the occasion. 

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Head over to Baci restaurant with your friends and family and enjoy your favorite strawberry ice cream in a cone or a cup.