You should never skip breakfast—unless of course, it’s for brunch. Somehow Sunday brunch doesn’t feel like other meals. The vibe, timing, and simplicity all make it the perfect environment to take a deep breath and unwind. 

But how did brunch come about, anyway?

Brunch was established in late 19th century England and served as the post-church meal. Since it was too late to be considered breakfast but too early to be considered lunch, brunch was born. And since it had to take the place of two meals, it was far more indulgent. Although not quite as indulgent as it is today.

brunch 2

Here are some of the reasons why brunch is the best meal of the day.

A variety of cuisines

Whether you’re in the mood for something sweet or savory, hearty or light, even breakfast or lunch, there’s surely something on our brunch menu for you. If you are after a wholesome meal we recommend trying our SMOKED SALMON POTATO ROSTI which is a delicious combination of house-made potato rosti served with smoked salmon, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce & crispy beetroot. If you are after something a little more sweet indulge in our HOT CAKES as you enjoy a double stack with lime mascarpone, almond crumble, orange chocolate sauce, Persian fairy floss, strawberry & passionfruit coulis

Flexible meals

For those who like multitasking, brunch is the perfect meal. Save time and money by eating out just once in the middle of the day, rather than planning multiple meals at different times. Whether you want to get a head start and come mid-morning or even into the early afternoon, our brunch menu will surely get you excited. We are serving brunch from Monday to Sunday 7 am to 3 pm.

We also serve drinks, lunch, and dinner. Check out our menu below.

A relaxing way to socialize

Somehow weekends brunch doesn’t feel like other meals. It’s a great way to catch up with friends and family as you share details of your week, the date details from the night before, or what you’re dealing with in the week ahead. 

Reserve a table

We are accepting bookings throughout the year and encourage you to Make a Booking so you don’t miss out on a beautiful dining experience for yourself and your family. If you have any further questions about dietaries, kid’s options or any suggestions feel free to Contact us here.