Word pizza day

History of World Pizza Day

The phenomenon that we know today as pizza deserves a whole day dedicated to itself, which is exactly what translates into world pizza day on February 9th every year. Formerly a humble pie, pizza started of with being notoriously popular with the lazzaroni, or the working-class Italians in Naples, Italy – this flatbread with toppings was inexpensive food for the Neapolitans – it could be had for every meal, and the earliest pizzas featured tasty toppings such as tomatoes, cheese, oil, anchovies, and garlic. In 1889 this little pie got a royal touch when Queen Margherita was visiting Naples, and tired of French food she asked for pizza from the city’s Pizzeria Brandi (founded in 1760). She particularly enjoyed a pizza topped with soft white cheese, red tomatoes, and green basil – resembling the Italian flag. Since then this particular choice of toppings has been dubbed the Margherita.

Authentic Italian restaurant in Crown Casino, Southbank

What better way to celebrate Word Pizza Day than to head to Baci with your loved ones! At Baci, a modern restaurant along the Crown Casino river walk, we serve food that is a delectable fusion of cosmopolitan Melbourne, and traditional Italian flavours – from the classic Margherita to the Genovese, Baci offers you options beyond expectations. 

Seafood pizza
Margarita pizza

Celebrating World Pizza Day at Baci Restaurant

There are quite a few ways you can bring in world Pizza Day with us. You’ll only be celebrating it with a few thousand across the globe! It would be rude not to celebrate , wouldn’t it? 

We’d ideally recommend you start with a Focaccia or Antipasto platter to set your palate. Enjoy it with an Italian beer in Peroni or one of our delicious Italian red wines before you move on to ordering a classic Margherita, our famous Prosciutto, or an all-veggie Ortolana. Meat lovers can try the Cappriciosa or the Salsiccia. If you want to mix it up with pasta add a Linguine de mare if you’re a seafood lover or a chicken risotto for a creamy pesto twist. 

Our drinks menu is elaborate and there are more than a few choices available. Teetotalers can have one of our juices, Aranciata Rossa, or a Coffee instead, we have quite a variety of options available. 

For dessert, you could go pizza all the way ( it’s world pizza day after all!) and order our chocolate Nutella pizza, or stick to the classic tiramisu and Baci cake – made with great attention to detail, we serve to please. 

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